Living comments section slash Globe columnist Margaret Wente wrote some words and that was already bad enough. It’s almost a relief to find out some of her work was lifted from other people.

BuzzFeed got the Globe and Mail to admit it was looking into allegations of plagiarism against Wente. They looked into it and found nothing to see here folks, move it along. In a move so unapologetic that I stand and salute, Globe and Mail editor-in-chief David Walmsley said, “This work fell short of our standards, something that we apologize for. It shouldn’t have happened and the Opinion team will be working with Peggy to ensure this cannot happen again.” “Peggy” is apparently the nickname for Margaret which is the real outrage.

CANADALAND found several more examples of columns in which Wente fails to attribute wording from articles that she linked to. This isn’t Wente’s first run-in with plagiarism so the question must be asked: why does she still have a job? Rabble says this goes all the way to the top. Journalism professor John Miller feels she should do the honorable thing and take the resignation capsule. Terence Corcoran says Wente should be “eyeballing a good lawyer to review Miller’s comments for logical malpractice.” I say keep her on staff but turn her columns into mad-libs. There’s no content more original than letting readers fill in the blanks.

A protestor at the occupation of the Indigenous and Northern Affairs office in Toronto seems to think Canadian politicians just go to Indigenous communities for the photo op. Justin “the temp” Trudeau spent a whole day on a First Nations reserve for a VICELAND documentary for he is down wit da youths. The Justice department could stand to deliver some to the Indigenous youth overrepresented in the prison system. Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says there will be a slow but steady dismantling of the named-by-racists Indian Act.

As a marketing slogan, “Edmonton: Not This Year’s Murder Capital” could be a real tourist draw. Chatelaine once named Mike Duffy as one of Canada’s Sexiest Men, a title he still holds today. A revealing new survey found that Muslims, like many people, are, in fact, people. Is it too much to hope that the Prime Minister has seen Hamilton, he will write his memoirs as rap songs?

B. C-ing You: Speaking of Canadian rap stars, Cash Money Records president Birdman — put some respeck on the name — lived in Prince George, a place I’m told is in Canada. A retired UBC researcher thinks that dogs hate hugs which would be unfortunate because who wants to hug people? If Trump becomes president, Lena Dunham might move to Vancouver which means it is time to give B.C. to America.


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