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Why the CBC’s Amanda Lang Review is Horseshit

SHORT CUTS – Amanda Lang/Charlie Hebdo

January 15, 2015

Sean Craig explains why his Amanda Lang expose is actually about how good CBC’s journalism is, and Jeet Heer describes an unspeakable cartoon of Jesse’s dad.

The CBC’s Kathy Tomlinson speaks on the record about Amanda Lang

Is the CBC lying to us or is Amanda Lang lying to the CBC?

UPDATE: Amanda Lang in “serious relationship” with RBC board member while reporting on RBC

Amanda Lang tried to sabotage a CBC story that scandalized RBC, who paid her


SHORT CUTS – Nannies/Indigenous Comments/Collateral Teen

December 3, 2015

The National Post’s Ashley Csanady on the Prime Minister’s childcare, the CBC closing comments on all stories about First Nations, the teenager at the center of a media firestorm and three puff-pieces in three papers about three powerful people.

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