Jane Lytvynenko, Author at CANADALAND

Jane Lytvynenko

Police in Quebec Sue CBC Radio-Canada for Defamation After Sexual Abuse Report

Vancouver Talk Radio Host Fired After Trainwreck Interview On Race

Email Challenges Narrative of Raveena Aulakh’s Death

Here’s the Anti-BDS Editorial the Vancouver Sun Published and Then Removed

CBC’s Adrian Harewood on Why He Talked to CANADALAND About Diversity

Toronto Star Lays off 52 From Newsroom and IT, “Invests” in “Digital Focus”

Former Toronto Star Editor “Forced” to Pen Self-Defence On Newsroom Tragedy

After ElbowGate, PMO Offers Undisclosed “Spokesperson” to Media

The Wente Plagiarism Bot

Yet More Instances Of Plagiarism From Margaret Wente

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