In most respects, Twitter is a bubble that shares little in common with society at large โ€” disproportionately occupied by politicians, journalists, and those who profess to care about politics and journalism. In other ways, Twitter is a highly respectable microcosm of the broader world, in that it is overwhelmingly terrible and seems to only ever get worse.

The best and worst tweets are not the ones that are most honest or dishonest, principled or unprincipled, righteous or vile. Rather, they are the ones that, deliberately or inadvertently, find new and creative ways to make our timelines just a little bit better and/or worse. Any tweet roundup can highlight the xenophobia of a given Postmedia columnist (and goodness knows that’s a chunk of our business model), but sometimes you just want to appreciate their third dachshund’s Bark Mitzvah.

Here’s some of what crossed into CANADALAND’s orbit this year, in chronological and no other order:

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