CORRECTION: the original headline for this post was written out of disgust, in reaction to spun, erroneous and egregious editorial packaging elsewhere. As such, it placed rhetoric over accuracy. CANADALAND regrets the flourish. 

Former Vancouver Olympics head John Furlong has dropped his libel suit against Laura Robinson, the journalist who broke the story of extensive racial, physical and psychological abuse claims against him. Over 45 aboriginal Canadians gave Robinson on-the-record statements about Furlong’s alleged abuse, and 8 of them gave sworn affidavits.

Furlong singled Robinson out, dropping an earlier suit against The Georgia Straight, which published her reports. The Toronto Star, originally slated to run the story as well, ultimately pulled out. Robinson was not covered by the Straight‘s libel insurance and was left to fight her legal battle alone, which she has done with help from various fundraising efforts, to this conclusion.

Robinson appeared on an earlier episode of CANADALAND to discuss her reporting and the lawsuits. Her own libel suit against Furlong involves his public statement alleging that she accused him of sexual abuse, which she did not (though others did).

In response to today’s news, Laura Robinson released the following statement:

“At the time the Georgia Straight article was published I wasn’t even aware of the allegations made by Grace Jessie West and the male whose case was dismissed on Monday.  My story was based on serious allegations made by numerous individuals, including allegations contained in eight sworn affidavits and I stand by the work I did.

I feel that the dropping of Mr. Furlong’s lawsuit against me today is recognition that my reporting on the serious allegations was responsible and appropriate.

My suit is about an attack on my integrity and professional conduct as a journalist. It has never been about these three cases.

I look forward to my June 15, 2015 court date.

I will not be making a further statement at this time pending consultation with my legal team at Harper Grey LLP.”

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