Sceneable is a Youtube channel by a ten-year-old communist from Quebec named Dylan. Here’s his video about communism. Here’s his video about not being brainwashed and the clarification to that video and the clarification to that video and the follow-up to that video. He also vlogs about growing fish.

Cave Small Cave Big is a surreal short film that was written by Madeline Lee Harker and Adelaide Shwartz when they were five. It was directed by Joële Walinga. You can watch the trailer for the movie here. Follow Cave Small, Cave Big on Facebook for updates about upcoming screenings, currently planned for Brooklyn, Albuquerque, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Go to Joële’s website to find her application to marry herself and a storyboard for her upcoming movie, Nightmare Here, which is about “two pet owners and their struggles in the impending apocalypse.”

Contributors: DandD Listens, Katie Jensen

Music on this episode:

“Slush Puppy Love” and “Heat Wave” by Makeout Videotape. Hear more on Bandcamp.

The Cave Small Cave Big music comes from the film’s soundtrack, written by Carl Didur, Thom Gill and featuring “solo” by Madeline Lee Harker.

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