Has Canada been a casualty of a nefarious campaign by foreign-funded radicals to landlock our country’s energy resources? Is Big Oil the victim of a vast international conspiracy? Naaaah. But there is, of course, another conspiracy afoot. 

Featured in this episode: Markham Hislop (Energi Media)

Here’s what Vivian Krause has said in response to Markham Hislop’s piece.

To learn more:

“Debunked: Vivian Krause’s Tar Sands Campaign conspiracy narrative” by Markham Hislop in Energi Media.

“Alberta Premier Singled Out Environmentalist. Death Threats Followed” by Samantha Beattie  in HuffPost

“Conservative politicians, oil executives map out strategy for ousting federal Liberals in growing collaboration” by Jeff Lewis & Shawn McCarthy in The Globe and Mail

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