Jocelyn Claybourne is a superfan from Charlottetown.

When she’s not getting creepy fanmail, Aisha Alfa is a comedian. Here‘s a great set by her.

Stefan Brogren plays Snake. You can find more – and far dirtier – fan fiction here.

Zack Morris enthusiast Matt Huether is an executive producer of Degrassi: Next Class and a writer on the show.

Drake skeptic Bruce McDonald is a director whose work includes Hardcore Logo, The Tracey Fragments and Highway 61.

Linda Schuyler is the creator of Degrassi, and has also served as bus driver and caterer for the show.

Thanks to Iain Christiansen at Degrassi for his assistance.

Go here to see a video of Aliya’s tour of the Degrassi studios.

Watch the episode on AIDS that Aliya discusses.

Listen to Rebecca Shortall and Michael Dyllan’s podcast Drunk Degrassi.

Songs on this episode were performed by Germaphobes.

This podcast was recorded live at the Hot Docs Cinema in Toronto as part of the Hot Docs Podcast Festival.

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