The Desmarais family is by far the most influential Canadian dynasty of the last half-century. But if you don’t live in Quebec, chances are you haven’t even heard of them. Paul Desmarais had Prime Ministers and Premiers in his pocket and billions of dollars at his disposal. He wasn’t just a Laurentian elite; he was the Laurentian emperor. 

Featured in this episode:

Robin Philpot (Derrière l’État Desmarais: Power)

To learn more:

Derrière l’État Desmarais: Power by Robin Philpot

Rising to Power: Paul Desmarais and Power Corporation by Dave Greber

“Chrétien and Bouchard, sitting in a (very expensive) tree” by Martin Patriquin in Macleans’

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Lee Rosevere” by A List of Ways to Die, adapted. 

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