For 150 years, the Olands have been one of Canada’s most prominent brewing dynasties, the makers of Moosehead Beer. But in the last decade, they’ve made the news for much darker reasons. Richard Oland was murdered in 2011. And police and prosecutors believe that he was killed by his only son. 

Featured in this episode: Greg Marquis

To learn more:

Truth & Honour: The Oland Family Murder Case that Shocked Canada by Greg Marquis

Shadow of Doubt: The Trials of Dennis Oland by Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon

“Murder and a Maritime dynasty: The Dick Oland case” in Maclean’s by  Nicholas Köhler and Tamsin McMahon.

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Clean Soul” by Kevin Macleod, “Cylinder Five” by Chris Zabriskie, and “Running Water” by Jason Shaw, adapted.

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