Here are the show’s featured artists, in order of appearance:

Ice Cream is a Toronto-based noise-pop duo who make infectiously sweet, intensely clamouring dance jams. Listen to their debut full-length album, Love, Ice Cream, released April 23rd on Bad Actors Inc (also home to our episode 3 friendsBIZZARH). @icecreeeammmm

Matt Johnson is an acclaimed filmmaker, actor, and enfant terrible behind the cult webseries-turned-Viceland show, nirvanna the band the show with co-conspirator @JayMcCarol. He has a real knack for sneaking around; his upcoming film Operation Avalanche was shot inside NASA without their permission, and most of his body of work deals with real people who aren’t acting. Operation Avalanche will be in theatres on September 16th.

L CON is multi-instrumentalist and composer Lisa Conway, a Toronto-based artist who has created music for film, live dance, and a guided-tour app of Mississauga. Her music blends orchestral intensity, honeyed tones, and liquid dance beats to create a nebulous swirl of sound. Her new album, Moon Milk was inspired by The Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino, and is coming out October 7th via Wildlife Sanctuary Sound Recordings@LisaMachine /// Soundcloud /// Facebook

Stephen Thomas is the author of The Jokes, a book of short stories published this year by BookThug. He has recently written about ‘Weird Facebook’ for Snapchat’s Real Life Magazine and is currently working on a feature film. He lives in Toronto. @skwthomas

Carl Didur is a Toronto-based musician who also dabbles in experimental electronics and animatronics and once made a terrifying, animatronic grizzly bear that lived behind the record bins of Sonic Boom. His other band Zacht Automaat is a tumbling array of dizzying organ rounds, smashed drums, and angular, kraut guitar riffs. Today’s episode featured four tracks from NOTHING IS THE SECRET TO ANYTHING, available here.

The Submissives is a Montreal-based, all-female, lovesick, warped guitar pop band made of mostly non-musicians. They released do you really love me? on September 9th via Fixture Records. @fixturerecords /// Facebook

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