Fatima Dhowre is a comedian based in Vancouver. She’s performing at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival April 6th to 9th. Find those shows here.

Take a virtual tour of Chad Kroeger‘s Abbotsford mansion here, where you can also purchase it for just under $9 million. Or get a tour from Chad himself. Brad Ross is a man who knows Chad.

Mourning Coup is the musical project of Chandra Melting Tallow. Hear more on their bandcamp. Chandra also does performance art, installation and writing, which you can find on her website.

Betty Lambert was a writer based in Vancouver. Crossings was the only novel she published, but she also wrote plays, radio plays and short stories. Go here for a memorial page about her.

That piece featured the voices of writers Anakana Schofield and Claudia Casper, Betty’s daughter Ruth Lambert and Betty’s sister, Dorothy Beavington. Thanks to Lee Beavington and Arsenal Pulp Press for their assistance.

Thank you to CIVL Radio and the podcast Cited for bringing us to the University of Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, where this show was originally performed.

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