Chris Locke and Kathleen Phillips are comedians and, more recently, parents. Chris does stand-up and hosts the podcast Utopia To Me? In one episode, he talks to comic book artist Chip Zdarsky about how The Hulk is actually a homicidal menace. Kathleen acts on the shows Mr. D. and Sunnyside. You can watch full episodes of Sunnyside for free on Youtube. That movie Sullivan’s Travels that they refer to is also on Youtube. Here’s that article by Aparna Nancherla in the Village Voice about comedians in the age of Trump.

Chris’ Twitter: @chrislockefun

Kathleen’s Twitter: @kathophillips

Music on this episode:

“theBOODEELAAbegins,” “naturalhigh – imsogladigotmyown,” and “ourstories-nowlike-anopenbook” by BUDI from the album bIGbUDiSbABYbUMPvolIone. You can find the album here.

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