On last week’s episode, we featured Jonathan Rotsztain, a comic artist who makes idiosyncratic comics about his job handing out Metro newspapers at subway stations. His goal was to get them printed in Metro Toronto, so that he could get paid to distribute his own work to commuters. We asked for your help, and although he didn’t get into Metro Toronto, something even stranger happened.

You can still support Jonathan by tweeting @metrotoronto with the hashtag #hurtjae demanding that they publish Jonathan’s metro comics. Follow jrotszta on Instagram and tag @metronewsca in the comments.

This interview originally aired on January 11th, 2017

Cassils is a performance artist living in Los Angeles. Watch a video about their performance Inextinguishable Fire, in which they set themselves on fire. Here‘s the 1969 Harun Farocki film about napalm that influenced the work.

Here are some images from “Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture” featuring the image that was banned in Germany.

Watch the video for “Telephone”, where Cassils is seen making out with Gaga. Read the article about it in Out Magazine, “Heather Cassils: Lady Gaga’s Prison Yard Girlfriend.”

Music on this episode:

“Move Like a Mystic” by A l l i e. Listen to more of her work on Soundcloud.

“Slipping Away” by Diana (Bad Channels remix). Listen to more of Diana’s work here and more by Bad Channels here.


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