Jess Salomon used to be a UN war crimes lawyer. Now, she’s trying to get some regular comedy gigs in New York. She has videos of her stand-up on her website.

Bruce McDonald is a filmmaker whose movies include Hardcore Logo, Highway 61 and Roadkill. His newest movie, Weirdos, will be in select theatres across Canada this spring.

PJ Vogt hosts a podcast called Reply All. In one episode, he micro doses on LSD at work and in another he cracks open One Direction conspiracy theories.

BJ Snowden is a songwriter living in Massachusetts. She writes songs about Canada, but also things like working as a school teacher and Judge Joe Brown. Here’s her video for “In Canada.”

Music on this episode:

“Sailin’ On” by Haolin Munk. Find more of their music here.

“One Great City!” by The Weakerthans

“In Canada” by BJ Snowden. Get the full album here.

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