Leanne Simpson is a writer and musician. Her new album from is called f(l)ight. You can find it here. You can download her first album, Islands of Decolonial Love, for free from ARP Books. There are links to more of her work on her website. Here’s her article, “Aambe! Maajaadaa! What Idle No More Means to Me.” There’s a great stop-motion music video for her song, “How to Steal a Canoe” up on Chart Attack.

Golboo Amani is an artist who hacked Settlers of Catan with her “intervention pack,” Unsettling Settlers. There are pictures of her game here and VICE has a video of a test play (with a cameo by Aliya). Find more of Golboo’s work on her website.

Music on this episode:

“Under Your Always Light” and “Caribou Ghosts and Untold Stories” from Leanne Simpson’s album f(l)ight. “Smallpox, anyone” and “Ishpadinaa” from her album Islands of Decolonial Love.

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