Owen Pallett’s latest album is In Conflict. You can get it here. He won the Polaris Prize for his album He Poos Clouds, released under the name Final Fantasy. Here’s his dissection of a Lady Gaga song. Here’s a Facebook post he wrote, “On Beta Rock,” proposing a new genre to describe music made by people who are on the outside looking in.

Neural Karaoke is an AI program that turns pictures into songs. Its iconic Christmas anthem has been making the rounds latelyHang Chu works on the project, along with Raquel Urtasun, and Sanja Fidler at the University of Toronto’s machine learning lab. Here’s a more in-depth look at Neural Storyteller, Neural Karaoke’s precursor.

Here’s its song about love:

Here’s its song about death:

Here’s the diss track about Hitchbot:


Music on this episode:

“Infernal Fantasy” and “On a Path” from Owen Pallett’s album In Conflict.

“None Of You Will Ever See a Penny” from Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett)’s album Has a Good Home.

“Tiberius,” by Daphni and Owen Pallett

“The Imposter 1,” “The Imposter 2,” and “The Imposter 3” by Neural Karaoke.

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