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Tracy Rowley lost her surrogate mother to COVID-19 in a long-term care facility. But she’s determined that Shirley Egerdeen doesn’t become just another statistic. Tracy’s suing the company that runs the home. But one of the strangest things in this story is exactly who owns them.

COMMONS: Pandemic is currently focusing on how COVID-19 is affecting long-term care in Canada.

Featured in this episode: Tracy Rowley, Sherina Harris (HuffPost Canada), Emma Paling (HuffPost Canada), Zaid Noorsumar 

To learn more:

“COVID-19 Has Killed 164 At Revera’s Care Homes. Their Families Want Answers” by Emma Paling and Sherina Harris in HuffPost Canada

“Is it Time to Care Yet?” by Zaid Noorsumar in Rank and File

“It is time to forget the profits and fix long-term care” by Geoffrey Stevens in The Waterloo Region Record

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