On this episode, we talk about those things you only indulge in the dark. We turn up the house lights and ruin the magic of cinema.

Here are the show’s featured artists, in order of appearance:

Jef Elise Barbara is a Montreal synth pop musician who first began performing as Jef and the Holograms. Jef recently released their 7″ on Montreal label, Fixture Records. Listen to Sexe Machin / Sex Machine.

Oliver Husain is an artist and filmmaker based in Toronto. In 2016, Husain’s work was featured in a group exhibition at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery and Galleria Mall, Toronto, and a solo exhibition at Gallery Clages, Cologne. You can read more about his work here and watch his videos here. Isla Santa Maria 3D will screen in September at in/future, a multidisciplinary art event at Ontario Place. The featured image for this episode is from that film.

Bruce Haack (1931-1988) was a Canadian musician and composer and an electronic music vanguard. Two of his albums have been re-issued by Toronto label, Telephone Explosion. Follow Bruce on Twitter from beyond the grave. Listen to Blow Job.

Wrong Hole is a Toronto synth punk band comprised of comedian Nick Flanagan (Brutal Knights), Andrew Moszynski (Deadly Snakes, Quest For Fire, Comet Control) and Jon Schouten (Teenanger, Telephone Explosion Records). They describe their sound as “…music for a new age of lowered IQs and heightened expectations.Listen to their album 2012.

Amy Lam is 1/2 of performance art duo, Life of a Craphead (with Jon McCurley). In 2013, they held a fifty year retrospective of their work at the Art Gallery of Ontario. They run a monthly performance art show and online broadcast called Doored, and are currently touring their first feature film Bugs; a satire about a bug society and its most powerful family.

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