In addition to being a go-to fortune teller for artists, Cindy Mochizuki is herself an artist based in Vancouver. Her work spans disciplines from animation to sculpture, incorporating themes of history and memory. Her short films have screened around the world. Here’s her installation 105 Chrysanthemums that Aliya talks about in the show.

Every artist featured on this episode makes incredible work that you should check out.

Abbas Akhavan works in installation, drawing, video and performance. Here’s his work in The Guggenheim, “Study for a Monument.” Find more on his website.

Amy Lam is one half of Life of a Craphead, who host a livestreamed performance night called Doored. They made the movie Bugs, “a satire about bug society and its most powerful family” and The Globe and Mail tried to find out whether they’re funny.

Walter Scott is a multi-disciplinary artist and creator of the Wendy comic books. Listen to Aliya’s full interview with him.

Sojourner Truth Parsons is a painter who has exhibited work around the continent. Here’s a great profile of her in Canadian Art, where you can see her paintings.

Nadia Belerique makes installations and works with steel. Her website looks like a xeroxed zine.

Music on this episode:

That funky electronic track at the beginning is “Sage” by Man Made Hill. Find more of his stuff on his bandcamp.

Additional music by Carl Didur, whose music is here.

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