For twenty years, he’s controlled public institutions from behind the scenes. He brags about his connections to organized crime. And he’s connected to some of the most powerful people in Canada. So who is the King of Cabbagetown?

This follows up on the last episode, “Papa Pump and the Small Town Shakedown.”

To learn more:

“Connected” in The Globe and Mail by Greg McArthur, Karen Howlett and Adrian Morrow.

“A ‘Big Fish’ Seeks a Seat at the Toronto District School Board” in The Globe and Mail by Karen Howlett, Caroline Alphonso and Greg McArthur.

“Inside the Nasty, Bizarro, Contemptible, Gobsmackingly Screwed-up Soap Opera that is the TDSB” in Toronto Lifeby Philip Preville

“The Green Mobster: Rizzuto Family Secretly Owned Firm that Won Municipal Contracts” in The National Post by Adrian Humphreys

This episode is sponsored by Sock Club, Endy and The Great Courses Plus.

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