Here are the show’s featured artists, in order of appearance:

Annie Pootoogook was a third generation Inuit contemporary artist from Cape Dorset, Nunavut, who is known for her portrayals of modern Inuit life, rendered in ink and pencil crayon. In 2006, she won a Sobey Award for her work, which often featured depictions of alcoholism and abuse contrasted with everyday household activities. Documentary clips featured courtesy of Site Media. 

LAL is a Toronto-based electronic duo comprised of Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray. Listen to their LP Find Safety and watch their new video for Tiny Mirrors. @LALforest

Vanessa Dunn is a performance artist, actor, and lead singer in Vag Halen, a self-described queer, feminist, cock rock cover band. Find out about their next performance. @VagHalen

Stefan Babcock is the lead singer in the Polaris-nominated Toronto punk band PUP, which was previously known as Topanga until the Boy Meets World reboot came along. Their acclaimed 2016 album The Dream is Over was inspired by the events in this story. Listen to the full album here. @StefanBabcock

Sigh Down One is a Montreal-based punkgaze band. Listen to their LP, Memory is Short Longing. 

Image: Composition (Self-Portrait) by Annie Pootoogookcourtesy of Feheley Fine Arts.

Contributions by Chandler Levack.

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