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How Justin Trudeau Is Failing Journalists

March 6, 2017

On matters of surveillance, source protection, and access to information, there are concrete things the government could be doing but isn’t.

Canada’s 1st MP of Somali descent

October 27, 2015

Ahmed Hussen is the first Canadian of Somali descent to get elected to Parliament. He joins Andray and Desmond in studio to talk about diversity in Parliament and Liberal policies on Bill C-51, the refugee crisis and more.

Operation Anonymous Down

August 2, 2015

Anthropologist and author Gabriella Coleman on Operation Anon Down and what it’s like studying Anonymous from the inside.

Bill C-51 to Face Charter Challenge in Superior Court

July 20, 2015

Bill CĀ­51 is barely a month old and is already facing its first Charter challenge.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the organization Canadian Journalists for Free Expression filed an application in Ontario’s Superior Court today, July 21, to challenge the constitutionality of the legislation, officially called the AntiĀ­terrorism Act of 2015.

RCMP Officer to C-51 Protester: “You Could be Branded a Terrorist”

June 1, 2015

An anonymously uploaded YouTube video seemingly shot during Saturday’s “Stop C-51” Rally on Parliament Hill depicts an RCMP officer telling protesters that, as a result of the coming anti-terrorism bill, he “could be branded a terrorist…whenever you’re attacking the Canadian economy.”

The officer, whose identity is unknown at this point and whose badge number is not visible in the footage, goes on to answer that “when the demo’s down, you become citizens again,” to the question “are we considered differently when we are demonstrating?”

SHORT CUTS – Alberta/C-51/The Brown Fallacy

May 6, 2015

The National Post’s Jen Gerson on the victory of the NDP, the victory of Bill C-51, and the failure (says she!) of Jesse’s logic.

SHORT CUTS – News by Bell/Topless Discourse

March 26, 2015

A Bell executive gets caught meddling with the news and the debate on Bill C-51 gets distracted by boobs. Conservative cartoonist J.J. McCullough co-hosts.

SHORT CUTS – CRTC vs TV/is C-51 a Feint?

March 18, 2015

Novelist and Orphan Black writer Lynn Coady on the new CanCon rules and on the Conservative’s barrage of extreme, divisive, distracting sound bites.

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