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John Geiger and Stephen Harper

July 24, 2015

As the financial relationship between the RCGS and the federal government flourished, so too has the public relationship between RCGS CEO John Geiger and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Geiger has lent the Prime Minister the approval of his venerable institution – perhaps the oldest non-profit environmental group in Canada. He has honoured Harper at RCGS galas and created photo opportunties for the Prime Minister to be seen as a champion of Canada’s natural grandeur, its geography and history. The Prime Minister has created photo opportunities for Geiger as well.

I was a Canadian Geographic Intern

July 22, 2015

When I read yesterday’s opening salvo in CANADALAND’s series on Canadian Geographic, a jumble of thoughts and emotions jostled for attention. 

Oil Sands Lobby Group Sponsored and Edited Public School Lessons

July 22, 2015

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers sponsored Energy IQ, “an energy education resource” distributed for free online and to 13,000 classroom teachers in public schools across Canada by Canadian Geographic magazine’s educational wing.

CAPP and Canadian Geographic say that the content of these lessons is independently created by Canadian Geographic, who maintain “full editorial control.”

Documents obtained by CANADALAND seem to tell a different story.

The email in question appears to be sent from Canadian Geographic’s “custom publishing editor” Michela Rosano in July of 2013 to a summer intern, Jimmy Thomson.

The Sad Story of Canadian Geographic

July 21, 2015

Former employees say the nature magazine became a paid mouthpiece for oil companies and others.

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