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Ontario Proud’s Election Advertising Was Mostly Funded By Developers

December 11, 2018

Nearly all the funds received by the “grassroots” group came from several large corporate donors

That Text You Got From Ontario Proud Is Part Of A Voter ID Campaign

June 5, 2018

But the right-wing group won’t say how many people it’s contacted or how they got their numbers.

Toronto Sun Boss Wouldn’t Affirm Independence Of Journalists, Says Union

April 22, 2018

“They’re not foot soldiers for a particular editorial stance, and that’s what we wanted to be clarified. He wasn’t prepared to do that, so we were.”

These Appear To Be The Toronto Sun’s Provincial Election Plans

April 18, 2018

Document sets out strategy for “exposing the Liberal record during the campaign and advocating for change”

SHORT CUTS – Parkdale Class War!!

June 1, 2017

The Conservatives have a new, dimpled, leader, Nova Scotians have more of the same, and British Columbians have an unprecedented lefty hybrid. How effective was media coverage of these three electoral events? Plus, Toronto Life’s recent tone-deaf spurt of house porn has led to, if not riots in the streets, then at least a whole … Continued

SHORT CUTS – Rap Amnesty for Wab Kinew

March 9, 2016

As Wab Kinew campaigns in Manitoba, the media has seized on his misogynistic rap lyrics from the past. A reporter for The Rebel claims she was doused in pee and the story only gets stupider the closer you look. And have we reached peak Justin Trudeau?

Electoral Reform, or How New Zealand Got a Rastafari MP

November 30, 2015

Andray and Desmond speak to a former New Zealand politician about the electoral reform his country went through. Conservative strategist Jim Burnett thinks it would never work in Canada.

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