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Before Trudeau, Gerald Butts Abandoned Tar Sands Action As Head Of WWF

September 5, 2019

The episode was an uncanny harbinger of how the Liberals would act in power

#203 Philpottcalypse Now

March 7, 2019

Gerry Butts breaks his silence on SNC-Lavalin. And the thing that Andrew Scheer can get away with, but Jagmeet Singh cannot. Paul Wells co-hosts.

#23 This Scandal Will Live And Die In February

February 26, 2019

Was the whole SNC-Lavalin affair a big nothingburger or does it still have the potential to completely rock the Liberal government? And with dozens of trucks rolling into Ottawa, a look at all things oil in Canada.

#201 Short Butts

February 21, 2019

Reports of a massive protest convoy driving across the country have been greatly exaggerated … except for the whole racism part. And a probing examination of all the Butts stuff in Ottawa.

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