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#232 National Paper Won’t Cover National Climate March

October 3, 2019

Canada’s national paper seems shy about printing news on the national climate march. Also, another blackface scandal – at Global News. Plus, a discussion on if numbers flatten Indigenous folks’ stories. Ryan McMahon guest hosts with Vice Senior Editor Sarah Berman.

Q&A: Global’s Troy Reeb On “Multi-Market Content”

August 27, 2018

The senior vice president in charge of Global News responds to concerns about the network’s centralized production of local newscasts.

Inside The Bunker Where Global Produces Local Newscasts For The Entire Country

August 27, 2018

Global’s late-night local newscasts, from Saskatoon to Halifax, are all produced in a Toronto green-screen studio. A former producer describes life in a “news sweatshop.”

Live Local News Neither Live Nor Local

August 26, 2018

Paul Tadich compares his time working at Global TV to a “news sweatshop”.

What Journalists Should Keep In Mind Covering Anti-Fascist Protests

September 13, 2017

A camera being smashed shouldn’t immediately draw battle lines.

Hamilton journalists arrested — while covering a car crash

May 17, 2017

Both were tackled by police, say eyewitnesses

When Global News Killed a Documentary About the Koch Brothers

April 12, 2015

Veteran investigative reporter Bruce Livesey was fired by Global News after they spiked his report on the billionaire Koch Brothers and their influence in Canada.

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