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#210 Raccoon Thirst Trap

April 25, 2019

Who among us hasn’t stabbed a lecherous raccoon with a dessert fork? And Omar Khadr gave his first big interview on Qu├ębec television; where was English media on this one?

SHORT CUTS – Blocked by Mallick/Defamed by the Post/Closeted by the Media

February 11, 2015

Joe Clark returns to defend Heather Mallick, decry Terence Corcoran and shatter Ottawa’s glass closet.

The Toronto Star’s HPV Reporting is a Disaster

February 10, 2015

The Star’s reporting downplayed or ignored basic facts and failed in its journalistic responsibility to cover matters of health and science objectively, or at least competently. It should be a future study in bad health reporting.

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