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The Reporting Gap In The Wet’suwet’en Crisis

February 18, 2020

Without real reporting from on the ground, on reserve in Northern BC, basic facts will remain unclear

#304 From Nanook To The New York Times: Misrepresentations of the North

November 24, 2019

How the media can fail when covering Indigenous people.

#218 Whose Pipeline Is It Anyway?

June 19, 2019

What better way to recognize a climate emergency than by approving the Trans Mountain Pipeline? Why did the Raptors’ president get carded after his team won? And what’s with U.S. media suddenly paying attention to Indigenous people in Canada?

Canada’s Media Was Always Going To Dismiss Genocide Against Indigenous Women

June 13, 2019

The response to the MMIWG report shows Canada behaving exactly like the systemically racist, settler-colonial state it describes

#216 The Word For This Is Genocide

June 6, 2019

The majority of our media is bending backward to avoid acknowledging Canadian genocide. Why? And Lindsay Shepherd travelled to Ottawa to complain about her weeklong Twitter ban: a look at the online hate hearings and the right’s war on free speech.

Ginning Up Native Outrage

March 1, 2019

There are Indigenous people out there trying to get real issues covered, but the media just wants hear us rant about statues, mascots, and gin

#199 The Sun Never Sets On The Netflix Empire

February 7, 2019

Is Netflix threatening Canadian culture through neo-imperialism? Never mind the copyright infringement, was the Conservative Party’s Heritage Minute any good? And did the new Indigenous Languages Act accomplish anything? 

Chapter 1: There Is A Town In North Ontario

October 22, 2018

Locals call it Murder Bay. It might be the most dangerous city for Indigenous youth in the world. But to others, it’s their white nirvana.

Host Ryan McMahon wants to know – not who killed all those kids, but what killed them. This is Thunder Bay.  

Patrick Brown Goes Full Shitstorm

February 19, 2018

Patrick Brown’s apeshit strategy, Justin Trudeau promises Indigenous people a New Deal, and could Trump happen here?

Gerald Stanley And The Fear Of The “Indian”

February 10, 2018

In newspapers, films, TV, and books, white Canadians are taught to see Indigenous people as animals.

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