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#295 Big Media’s Plan To Regulate The Internet

September 22, 2019

Are we really considering CanCon for the internet?

No, Don Cherry Isn’t Selling Penis Pills

January 16, 2019

From copying the CBC website, to claiming female anchors are leaving to start a skincare business, CANADALAND explains the tricks scammers use to target Canadian media consumers

#260 Fake-Ass Internet

January 13, 2019

Something like the half of all activity on the internet is fake. Yes, there are bots. But there are also fake websites that cater to bots. And then there are the ways real people adjust their behaviour to try to game the bots. Where does this leave the idyllic internet we were promised?

Taxing Porn (And Everything Else) To Pay For CanCon

June 10, 2018

Canada’s broadcast regulator has put forward a proposal to tax everything from porn to podcasts to help pay for CanCon.

Inside Bell’s Push To End Net Neutrality In Canada

December 4, 2017

Documents obtained by CANADALAND reveal a plan to create a not-for-profit corporation responsible for maintaining a blacklist of alleged pirate sites.

Ren Bostelaar Deserves More Than A Slap On The Wrist For Robbing Us Of Our Dignity

July 6, 2017

Our justice system has turned a blind eye; we, however, will always remember.

Century Egg

April 12, 2017

Century Egg composes Chinese pop songs by Email. And a war is brewing in the Canadian art world. It’s a war of loverz, haterz and haterzhaterz.

Stats Canada Co-author Admits To Sharing “Sensitive” Photos Of Women Online

March 19, 2017

But through his lawyer, Ren Bostelaar denies engaging “in the act of doxxing.”

Pineapple Pizzagate

February 15, 2017

Emily M. Keeler listens to one song seven times a day, goes on Instagram and ends up in the Twilight Zone, and looks for gopher holes in poetry.

Hamilton, The Musical

February 8, 2017

Gif heritage with Sally McKay. Kiera Boult is the wizard of Canada’s Brooklyn. The first movie star is from Hamilton.

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