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Authors Are Getting Bloody In The Culture Wars

July 1, 2018

The book world has been thrown into turmoil by sexual assault allegations, inter-generational fighting and questions over Indigenous ancestry. Is this inside baseball for a tiny industry, a microcosm of the culture wars or a battle over who gets to tell Canada’s story?

Robert Jago: Decolonizing Canada In His Spare Time

February 12, 2018

After ending the campaigns of several Tory candidates with his muckraking during the 2015 federal election, Macleans dubbed Robert Jago, “the most dangerous blogger in Canada”. The next year, Jago broke the Joseph Boyden scandal, and this past January he exposed Senator Lynn Beyak for publishing racist letters on her website, which resulted in her ousting … Continued


August 10, 2017

Joseph Boyden has emerged from his winter burrow like a collared lemming (it’s an arctic mammal — look it up!) to plug his forthcoming book weigh in again on questions of his Indigenous ancestry. Despite his insistence that his connection to — and friendship with — Indigenous communities should automatically confer some sort of Indigenous … Continued

Joseph Boyden Won’t Find Indigenous Identity In A Test Tube Of Spit

August 4, 2017

To be First Nations, you must first belong to a nation.

SHORT CUTS – Kellie Leitch: Tracking Bullshit In From The Barn

March 2, 2017

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch released a video this week that was somewhere between political platform and performance play. Also, Kevin O’Leary continues to draw a paycheque from CNBC while running for the same role. Finally, accusations of plagiarism are now dogging Joseph Boyden. National Observer Associate Editor Sandy Garossino joins Jesse from Vancouver.

SHORT CUTS — Joseph Boyden: Two Worlds, Two Debates

January 5, 2017

Joseph Boyden is a celebrated, award-winning indigenous novelist – who might not actually be native.

Things Joseph Boyden Has Claimed To Be But Is Not

December 29, 2016

To a growing number of newspaper and magazine pundits, the Joseph Boyden controversy is about political correctness run amok, a public “lynching,” outrage culture, a racial witch-hunt and petty literary jealousy from bitter Indigenous writers. The rhetoric and name-calling seems to have obscured the question that must surely lie at the core of the matter: … Continued

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