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Here’s the Footage that got a CBC Doc Pulled off the Air

March 22, 2015

CANADALAND has acquired a copy of Volunteers Unleashed, the CBC documentary on the “dark side” of voluntourism that was yanked from the broadcast schedule and scrubbed from without explanation last Thursday, right before it was supposed to air nationally.

Why did the CBC Just Pull an Exposé on ‘Voluntourism?’

March 20, 2015

UPDATE APPENDED (MARCH 20th, 1:45 pm)  Last night CBC TV was set to air the documentary Volunteers Unleashed, described on its website as “a look at ‘voluntourism’ – the fastest and most controversial travel sector.” The doc, which promised a look at the “dark side” of the “problematic” volunteer travel industry, was promoted throughout the day: … Continued

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