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SHORT CUTS – News From The Upside Down

December 7, 2017

The Globe and Mail expands into less, alt-right women are tired of the misogyny of alt-right men and a prominent Canadian liberal looks awfully silly on Fox News.

We Talk To Patreon’s CEO About Why Lauren Southern Got Banned

August 1, 2017

He says she’ll be able to appeal, once they establish a process for doing so.

Why Lauren Southern Got Banned From Patreon

July 27, 2017

With her anti-migrant misadventures in the Mediterranean, the far-right Canadian YouTuber finally crossed the line.

SHORT CUTS – Rebel Media’s Nazi Problem

March 16, 2017

Is Rebel Media’s embrace of free speech leading to rampant anti-semitism and virulent racism? Also, ¬†Atlantic Canadian journalists are coming under fire, and the refugee influx will likely ramp up in the next few months. Macleans Alberta correspondent Jason Markusoff joins us.

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