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#35 How Alberta Got Weed Right

July 29, 2019

While some provinces are still trying to figure out booze, others have already gotten a good start on weed. Who’s doing sin best?

The Legend Of Weed Toque Girl

June 24, 2018

Almost every news story about cannabis is accompanied by a stereotypical stoner pic. The same few photos are used again and again. Why? Who took these pics? Who are the smokers in them? And what’s the deal with the most overused stoner pic of all, the pic known as “Weed Toque Girl”? WHO IS SHE? … Continued

SHORT CUTS – Giant Novelty Spliff

June 1, 2016

Terrifying parents, covering pot laws and political conventions. The National Post’s Chris Selley co-hosts.

Legal Weed is Bad for Poor People

February 22, 2016

We talk to a Liberal MP and a criminal defense lawyer about what legalisation means for the people who built the markets.

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