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#316 One News Brand To Rule Them All

March 8, 2020

Does the New York Times’ success come at the expense of local news?

#269 Ruthless Or Toothless? The News Biz Complaints Department

March 18, 2019

Who do you turn to when the news fucks up? It turns out there’s a council for that.

#267 Propaganda, Fascism And Murder: An Alternative History Of The Globe And Mail

March 3, 2019

This week marks 175 years of The Globe and Mail. You can read all about its accomplishments elsewhere. Writer Jamie Bradburn takes us through the paper’s darker moments.

New Federal Initiatives For Canadian Journalism

November 21, 2018

“Bailouts for all!” BOOOO. “Very well — no bailouts for anyone!” BOOOO. “Hmm… credits for some…. official donation receipts for others!”

Last Chance For Newspapers: Inside La Presse

July 15, 2018

The newspaper business is in rapid decline. Can non-profit status save newspapers in Canada?

What’s The New York Times Doing In Canada?

April 23, 2018

More than a year after their expansion into Canada, the New York Times is holding its own against our native media. And they’re doing it with only three reporters. But what exactly is their goal here?

Rogue Indian Elements

March 1, 2018

Why did CBC News let Justin Trudeau use them like a cheap tool? Why did Patrick Brown quit (this time)? And what’s up with the newspaper bailout plan? Stephen Maher co-hosts.

Patrick Brown vs His Reputation

February 14, 2018

The Gerald Stanley verdict was a crucial moment – was the media equal to it? Was Patrick Brown set-up by CTV? And why is the newspaper bailout a thing again? Danielle Paradis co-hosts from Edmonton

Village Of The Sprawling Phoenix: New Models for Local News

November 13, 2017

Is local media doomed? We speak to three entrepreneurs who are making a go of it with three very different models.

Satan Vampire Zombie Bloodbath: The State Of Canadian Newspapers

February 20, 2017

Late last month the Public Policy Forum released its long-anticipated report on the state of Canadian newspapers. Somewhat unexpectedly, this was a bold and far-reaching document, exploring the changing face of media in this country.

The principal author of the paper, former Globe & Mail Editor-In-Chief Ed Greenspon, joins Jesse to dig deep into its findings.

Read the entire report (no, seriously, read it) here.

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