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It Was Illegal To Print Their Names: Alberta’s Lost Children

May 8, 2017

Since the late 1990s nearly 800 children in Alberta government care have died. Veteran Edmonton Journal columnist Paula Simons has been shining a light on this crisis since the start. In November 2016, Simons published a story that shocked the province. It was about a four-year-old girl named Serenity. Let down by a wide range of government … Continued

SHORT CUTS – Blatch Got Served

May 4, 2017

Is the media complicit in popping Harjit Sajjan’s balloon? Also, National Post columnist Christie Blatchford and her parent company, Postmedia are facing a substantial libel suit. Finally, in the art world, what constitutes cultural appropriation and what’s merely blatant plagiarism? National Magazine Award multiple nominee and May’s CANADALAND guest host Omar Mouallem joins us.

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