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#257 Speaking Moistly

April 8, 2020

For weeks, we’ve all been trying to flatten the curve. But how do we measure our success if the numbers informing that curve aren’t reliable? And how do the big newspaper chains justify taking government wage subsidies at the same time as laying off staff?

#251 Heard It Through The Pipeline

February 27, 2020

Do journalists need to be protestors to get better access to Wet’suwet’en solidarity actions? Plus, the Teck Frontier oilsands mine withdraws its application and who the media is blaming will shock you – or not.

#235 – Creepy Hologram Prime Minister

October 24, 2019

Thank God, it’s over – last sound off about how dull the 2019 election coverage was, we promise. Plus, Star Metro journalists cry fake news at activists pretending climate propaganda is the real thing. Writer and climate activist from Cam Fenton co-hosts.

Kinsella, Postmedia, And The Paid Campaign To “Seek And Destroy”

October 21, 2019

Secondary goal of Project Cactus was to deflect attention from Conservatives’ own candidates, says source

#233 – Our Revolting Democracy

October 10, 2019

That debate. The rumour mongering. The memes. Does Canadian democracy have to suck this hard? A lament. And PostMedia finally responds to our investigation – or somebody’s. Freelance journalist Danielle Paradis co-hosts.

Vancouver Sun’s Editorial Standards The Real Danger To Social Trust

September 13, 2019

The mainstream media can inflict far more damage to social cohesion than anything that neighbours from different backgrounds could ever do

Author Of Anti-Immigrant Vancouver Sun Op-ed Explains How It Got Published

September 7, 2019

Mark Hecht says he was inspired to submit to the Sun because of similar writings on diversity by columnist Douglas Todd

#226 Postmedia’s Hard Right Turn

August 14, 2019

More cuts at Canada’s largest newspaper chain; this time to journalistic independence, open discourse, and a healthy work culture. And was the swearing, spitting Scheer supporter part of a media hoax? Former National Post reporter Rebecca Tucker co-hosts.

You Must Be This Conservative To Ride: The Inside Story of Postmedia’s Right Turn

August 12, 2019

A plan to muffle moderate voices at Canada’s largest newspaper company has created confusion and uncertainty in newsrooms across the country.

Postmedia Expects $8-10 Million Per Year From News Bailout

July 10, 2019

And Torstar estimates that it will get about $6 million

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