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#265 Newsroom Mutiny

June 3, 2020

Protests have erupted around the world in response to police violence against Black people. Police are openly targeting and arresting journalists. Trump is violating the rights of his people. And Canadian media has failed to cover or even grasp this historic moment.

“Canada Not Racist,” Declares 73-year-old White Man

June 3, 2020

“Where does racism manifest?” asks Rex Murphy, who once wrote that rap music leads to “a degraded and vulgar culture”

#64 An Epidemic Of Racism

May 18, 2020

Violent attacks on racialized people are on the rise in Canada — especially against those who look East Asian. We’re joined by reporter Joanna Chiu to discuss what happens when we conflate the actions of a government with individual people.

#262 Racist Vegan

May 13, 2020

Bryan Adams pulls a Morrissey, an Indigenous ceremony is broken up by the RCMP, and Ghomeshi attempts another comeback.

CBC Had Employee Delete Tweet Critical Of Don Cherry

November 14, 2019

Tweet calling out racism was deemed an inappropriate expression of a personal opinion on a controversial subject

Canadian Media Should Recognize Itself In Trudeau’s Racism

September 26, 2019

Not only is the country’s media unequipped to cover racism such as Trudeau’s — it is actively perpetuating it

There Is A Second Photo Of Justin Trudeau In Brownface

September 19, 2019

And it’s arguably even worse

Vancouver Sun’s Editorial Standards The Real Danger To Social Trust

September 13, 2019

The mainstream media can inflict far more damage to social cohesion than anything that neighbours from different backgrounds could ever do

Author Of Anti-Immigrant Vancouver Sun Op-ed Explains How It Got Published

September 7, 2019

Mark Hecht says he was inspired to submit to the Sun because of similar writings on diversity by columnist Douglas Todd

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