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CBC Repurposes Advertisement As Programming

March 28, 2018

A recent radio documentary on assisted dying was originally produced for a company that sells customer-support software.

Cadence Weapon and The Black Experience in Sound

February 7, 2018

Cadence Weapon was a nineteen-year-old in Edmonton, battle rapping on the internet when he released his first mixtape, Breaking Kayfabe. He wanted to make “the most fucked up rap anyone’s ever heard.” And it was. It got him a record deal with a major American label, and helped bring Canada’s rap underground to light.  Since … Continued

What CBC Radio Gets Right

August 23, 2017

Not everything outside current affairs is frivolous or misguided. Stories, Siobhan Özege writes, bring us together, too.

Here’s What’s Wrong With CBC Radio

August 22, 2017

An emphasis on personal storytelling has come at the expense of engagement with larger issues, writes Nick Fillmore

That Time The CBC Aired 10 Hours Of Crickets And Church Bells

May 24, 2017

For two weeks in 1974, the CBC broadcast ten hours of field recordings from across the country on their flagship show, Ideas. A group of twentysomething composers and an avant-garde acoustic ecologist were trying to capture Canada through sound. On this episode, we ask whether that’s even possible.

We Just Need Some More Grinders

November 2, 2016

Aliya takes a trip to New York to talk to an Albertan running a radio station out of a shipping container.

Jonathan Goldstein Can’t Let Go

October 19, 2016

The former host of CBC’s WireTap has moved to New York, but he’s having trouble moving on.

Jonathan Goldstein’s Wiretap: an Appreciation

August 10, 2015

Yesterday, it was announced that Jonathan Goldstein’s Wiretap was ending after an 11-year run on CBC Radio.

Radio is Not TV Minus Pictures

January 30, 2015

Radio has its own craft and discipline. You might not appreciate, say, a book editor suddenly having absolute power over your TV company. If a book editor wants to work in TV, you might expect them to humble themselves, to learn, and to observe before accepting a post where they would make huge decisions about other people’s work.

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