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#41 Let’s Talk Tech! … And Blackface

September 24, 2019

Could all those images of Trudeau in blackface open the door for a more meaningful campaign?

And we talk Canada’s growing tech scene. What’s it done with federal money—and what are the parties talking about now?

Q&A: Global’s Troy Reeb On “Multi-Market Content”

August 27, 2018

The senior vice president in charge of Global News responds to concerns about the network’s centralized production of local newscasts.

Inside The Bunker Where Global Produces Local Newscasts For The Entire Country

August 27, 2018

Global’s late-night local newscasts, from Saskatoon to Halifax, are all produced in a Toronto green-screen studio. A former producer describes life in a “news sweatshop.”

Robo Reporters and Blockchain Broadcasts

May 13, 2018

While journalists worry about Facebook algorithms and digital advertising, every other industry gets to be excited about technology. So today, we try our hardest to find the positive tech stories for the news industry.

SHORT CUTS – Lone Wolf Tenor

July 14, 2016

Freelancer Matt Braga joins Jesse to talk about Pokémon Go and the state of investigative journalism in Canada.

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