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Let’s Talk About How Bell Is Complicit In The Dehumanizing Conditions Of Ontario Jails

January 29, 2020

Bell holds the contract for a prison phone system described as “prohibitive, predatory, and outdated”

That Text You Got From Ontario Proud Is Part Of A Voter ID Campaign

June 5, 2018

But the right-wing group won’t say how many people it’s contacted or how they got their numbers.

Rogers blocked text messages containing the word “uber”

February 7, 2017

Company blames now-resolved “technical glitch” but won’t say how long the issue lasted

George Elliott Clarke: A Polyphony of Canadian Blacknesses

February 15, 2016

The Parliamentary Poet Laureate talks about working for a pioneering black MP, Canada’s multitude of black histories and his problem with telephone companies.

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