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Vancouver Sun’s Editorial Standards The Real Danger To Social Trust

September 13, 2019

The mainstream media can inflict far more damage to social cohesion than anything that neighbours from different backgrounds could ever do

#229 – Sorry, Immigrants!

September 12, 2019

The Vancouver Sun is very, very sorry about publishing that inflammatory anti-immigration screed. They’ll tone it down a little next time. Also, why is election coverage so… boring? Journalist and COMMONS host Arshy Mann co-hosts.

Author Of Anti-Immigrant Vancouver Sun Op-ed Explains How It Got Published

September 7, 2019

Mark Hecht says he was inspired to submit to the Sun because of similar writings on diversity by columnist Douglas Todd

SHORT CUTS – Quote Governor General Unquote

June 22, 2017

Governor General David Johnston issued a mea culpa over his radio interview in which he refers to Indigenous peoples as immigrants. Postmedia did not issue mea culpas for poorly-researched racist screeds in its Vancouver and Toronto outlets. Instead, they continue to rattle the cup in front of the federal government for bailout money. Finally, the National Post … Continued

Here’s the Anti-BDS Editorial the Vancouver Sun Published and Then Removed

August 29, 2016

Last week, Postmedia’s Vancouver Sun published an editorial called, “May must renounce anti-Israel resolutions.” It was then promptly removed, after a group called Independent Jewish Voices Canada sent Postmedia a legal letter claiming the editorial defamed IJV, according to their blog post. UPDATE: Postmedia posted an apology and retraction to Sun website for running the editorial last week. The apology also appears … Continued

Vancouver Sun publicly shamed for printing Beijing-funded “propaganda”

September 4, 2014

Tibet coverge was subsidized by Chinese Government

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