Advertising Policy - CANADALAND

Advertising Policy

CANADALAND has ads that allow us to pay fair wages and give you better content.

We decided to include ads after an open consultation with our supporters, which patrons can read here.

Our news-related podcasts – CANADALAND and COMMONS – do not accept advertising from anyone who they have covered journalistically or might cover.

We also limit the number of sponsored messages on each podcast so that advertising doesn’t become overly intrusive.

We sometimes get samples from our sponsors so that we can vet their products and speak about them genuinely.

Here’s a list of what we’ve gotten from them:

Endy: mattresses

Meundies: underwear

Carnivore Club: meat

TunnelBear: VPN service

Sock Club: socks

Camp Tech: workshops

Away: luggage

HelloFresh: food boxes

If you have any questions about our advertising policy send us an email at [email protected]

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