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SHORT CUTS #234 – The CBC’s Very Dumb Lawsuit

The CBC sues the Conservative Party of Canada for copying them! Plus, Toronto journalists and writers push back on the kind of space public libraries should be. Wikimedia Chief of Staff Ryan Merkley co-hosts.

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#80 Chantal Hébert

Does political journalism actually enact change?

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#233 – Our Revolting Democracy

That debate. The rumour mongering. The memes. Does Canadian democracy have to suck this hard? A lament. And PostMedia finally responds to our investigation - or somebody’s. Freelance journalist Danielle Paradis co-hosts.

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#297 Shad’s Hip-Hop Evolution

Shad's Hip-Hop Evolution is an incredible piece of journalism that nobody is talking about.

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#232 National Paper Won’t Cover National Climate March

Canada's national paper seems shy about printing news on the national climate march. Also, another blackface scandal - at Global News. Plus, a discussion on if numbers flatten Indigenous folks' stories. Ryan McMahon guest hosts with Vice Senior Editor Sarah Berman.

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#296 Two Centuries of Blackface in Canada

Cheryl Thompson joins to help walk us through Canada’s history with blackface and why this story is not about race. 

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#231 How Did Trudeau Get a 20-Year Pass On Blackface?

Trudeau in blackface, 3 times: how did we miss that? And Canada’s reporters bravely declare their independence - from their own union. CANADALAND Deputy Editor Jaren Kerr co-hosts.

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#295 Big Media’s Plan To Regulate The Internet

Are we really considering CanCon for the internet?

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