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#311 – Let’s Talk About Bell’s Harmful Prison Phone Contract

Every year, Bell shines the spotlight on mental health for Let’s Talk Day. So we’re taking a look at their prison phone contract, which advocates say exacerbate mental health problems for inmates.

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#246 Come From Huawei

What was up with those "protesters" outside Meng Wanzhou's extradition hearing? And could monarchical migration have an impact on privacy in Canadian media?

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#310 Why Is The CBC So Schitty?

How the CBC is losing friends and alienating Canadians

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#245 I Wanna Live Like Commonwealth People Do

We examine the controversy around stating a plain fact about flight 752. Then, a Royal welcome. With co-host Nora Loreto.

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#309 A War Reporter’s Newsroom Battles

Why did the Toronto Star try to stop Paul Watson from reporting on a story?

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#244 Iran So Far

We’ve heard so much from south of the border about Iran, but how are Canadian media treating this conflict? And The Fifth Estate delivers some spurious reporting on “Birth Tourism” and Antifa.

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#308 The Media War Over The Hong Kong Protests

Is Canadian media propagating the Communist Party lines?

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#290 What It’s Like To Want To Die

Reporter Anna Mehler Paperny talks about her book, Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me: Depression in the First Person, which covers her search for answers about depression and her personal experiences.

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