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#222 SandyAndNoraLand

Sandy Hudson and Nora Loreto take over CANADALAND for this episode about the paltry coverage of Canada's migrant detention policies and the devastating loss of leftist Twitter’s most stalwart defender, Lindsay Shepherd.

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#286 Sports, Wages, and Bitstrips Money: Jesse Answers Your Questions

You asked. We answered.

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#221 Fuck You For This One, Québec

The secularism bill banning public workers from wearing religious symbols finally passed in Québec. Google News gathered together the heads of major media companies for a meeting and (surprise!) didn’t tell the public. And VICE reporter Ben Makuch lost a legal challenge to keep private background material from the RCMP.

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#285 – Health News In The Age Of Goop

There are countless reporters covering politics in this country, but only one person has spent their career reporting on and analyzing health care.

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#220 That’s What You Get When You Draw A Political Cartoon That Doesn’t Suck

A Canadian cartoonist drew a provocative image of Trump, blithely ignorant of the fatal consequences of his border policy. After it blew up online, the cartoonist was let go from the company who'd published his work for 17 years. And what was with that viral clip of Trudeau getting "snubbed" at G20?

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#284 A Former WE Employee Speaks Out

Twenty-two people spoke to us confidentially about working for WE. But Josh Keenan went on the record.

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#219 The Pleasure Of Margaret Wente

Pour one out for Margaret Wente: she's leaving the Globe. The Irvings tighten their grip on New Brunswick news, and some Toronto councillors are learning not to cross Warren Kinsella.

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#283 Oh Great, A Republican Plot Against Canadaland

Something strange has been going on for the last little while and we’re ready to talk about it.

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