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#264 Smelly Rogue

Torstar was just sold for $52 million, droves of people were chastised for going to the park, and Jesse opens himself up to some rare scrutiny.

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Isolation Interview: Kaie Kellough

"I had a confrontation with someone in the line up for a grocery store... and that moment of slow honeyed ease was totally interrupted."

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Isolation Interview: Xanthe Vallentin

“I’m going to be very careful about how much I leave my property until there’s a vaccine.”

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#327 A Crime Reporter Exposes The Child Welfare System

The child welfare system is failing Indigenous children, and APTN's Kenneth Jackson can't stop covering it.

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Isolation Interview: Mumilaaq Qaqqaq

"After this pandemic, we can create a new normal that's better for everyone."

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#263 A Case For Bad Art

The incredibly controversial painting of Justin Trudeau, François Legault’s problem with anglophone media, and the story about Gaza that CBC disappeared.

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Isolation Interview: Omar El Akkad

“The job of fiction is to intrude on reality and instead we’re living in a situation where reality is intruding on the fictional.”

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Isolation Interview: Martha Wainwright

“In the silence you start to wonder…how are we going to find each other again?”

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