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A pop-up podcast about Doug Ford.



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#6 The Tragically OHIP

Is the Ford Government trying to privatize healthcare? Plus, a list of things Doug Ford has broken.

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OPP, Yeah You Know Me

An old friend of the Ford family has been appointed to head the Ontario Provincial Police, a job many consider him to be under-qualified for. We look back to Doug's history with Ron Taverner, as well as the group of unofficial advisors who surrounded the Fords for years.

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Live From Ford Fest!

We visit Ford Fest, where people wait for burgers and juice boxes in the dark as a white supremacist takes a selfie with the premier.

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What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Notwithstanding?

Doug Ford won't let some silly Charter get in his way! Just two and a half months in, he's poised to use a rare and extreme measure to win a petty legal battle.

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The Many Lawsuits Against Doug Ford’s Government

The Ford Government just lost their first lawsuit. What makes it even worse is they lost to Elon Musk.

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Dark, Dirty and Disruptive

Welcome to Wag the Doug, a pop-up podcast about Doug Ford.

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