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Canada's most popular politics podcast, the only politics show in the country for people who hate politics. This season, COMMONS is focusing on Canada's relationship with the oil industry. Hosted by Arshy Mann.

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CRUDE #2 – Bombs, Blood & the Battle of Trickle Creek

A family poisoned in their homes. Bombs going off in the night. Shots fired and inside jobs. The story of Wiebo Ludwig is There Will Be Blood come to life. So was he a man of faith facing down the full might of Big Oil? Or a terrorist with blood on his hands?

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CRUDE #1: Smell This Town

If you don’t understand oil, you can’t understand Canada. We take you to a place unlike anywhere else in the world, where the booms and busts all began. And find out why just a short distance away, children grow up afraid of the very air they breathe.

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Introducing Our New Season: CRUDE

Canada was built on oil.

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#10 The Canadian Company Accused of Using Slaves Today

Canadian companies have committed all kinds of wrongdoing abroad. But this is on a different level. One Vancouver-based company has been accused by the United Nations and Human Rights Watch of using slaves to build a mine with one of the world’s most oppressive governments.

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#9 Victoria’s Secrets

Tens of thousands of dollars in suits, luggage, magazines and mustard. An epic booze heist from the legislature. An undercover legislator exposing corruption. And a wood-splitter that’s transfixed a province.

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#8 Hockey’s Hall of Shame

Canada is hockey crazy. But at the heart of the sport is a system of unpaid labour that scars some boys for life. And the teams and leagues are doing whatever it takes to make sure things stay exactly the way they are.

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#7 The Only Canadian Imprisoned For Insider Trading

One of Canada's most notorious white-collar criminals speaks about his crimes.

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#6 Charlottetown’s Web

It might be small, but it when it comes to graft, Prince Edward Island plays in the big leagues. Inside PEI’s long, strange attempt to become Canada’s online gambling hub.

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