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Canada's most popular politics podcast, the only politics show in the country for people who hate politics. This season, COMMONS is focusing on stories at the intersection of money, influence and politics in Canada. Hosted by Arshy Mann.

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Charlottetown’s Web

It might be small, but it when it comes to graft, Prince Edward Island plays in the big leagues. Inside PEI’s long, strange attempt to become Canada’s online gambling hub.

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The King of Cabbagetown

For two decades, he's controlled public institutions and bragged about his connections to organized crime. So who exactly is the King of Cabbagetown?

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Papa Pump and the Small Town Shakedown

In the eleven years that Marolyn Morrison was the mayor of Caledon, Ontario, she faced down deep-pocketed developers, mafia enforcers and corrupt federal officials. When millions of dollars are at stake, things get heated.

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The Trouble With Paradise: How Canadians Built The Offshore World

The Panama Papers revealed to the world just how deeply enmeshed tax havens are in the global economy. And for 100 years, Canadian banks, businessmen and politicians have worked to build that offshore system, alongside crooks, fraudsters and corrupt officials.

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How Vancouver Became a Money Laundering Paradise

For years, people could walk into Vancouver-area casinos with tens of thousands of dollars of suspicious cash and walk out with clean money, no questions asked. That money may be fuelling the city's housing crisis and opiate epidemic.

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The Most Crime-Ridden Neighbourhood In Canada

This season, Commons will be focusing on stories at the intersection of money, influence and politics in Canada. In this episode, we take you to what may be Canada’s most criminal neighbourhood — Toronto’s financial district.

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What The Hell Is A Fairness Letter?

We speak to someone who might not be let into Canada for trying to bring democracy to Syria.

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Canada Is Not Racist… According To The Stats

If you look at the stats, Canada has a low incidence of hate crimes, but the numbers that we rely on to tell us if we're racist or not are wrong.

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