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How to contribute to CANADALANDSHOW.COM


Please send all pitches and tips to [email protected].


What we’re looking for:

Scoops. If you know something we should be reporting on, please send it in, whether or not it’s something you want to report yourself.

Stories about the Canadian media. We’re a media criticism/media reporting website, so your stories should have some link to this focus. (We tend to define “media” in broad terms, taking in things like social media.) Take a look at what we’ve been writing recently if you need some inspiration.

Short pitches, ideally no longer than three paragraphs. Please don’t attach your pitch in a separate document. Your pitch should include the gist of the story, who you’re planning to talk to for it, and any necessary background information.

Opinion pieces that present a different take or perspective than what’s already been said, especially if you have a particular connection to an issue.



– Include a couple of links to your recent work.

– Be concise.

– If you’re pitching several outlets simultaneously, please let us know.

– We are happy to consider blog posts that have already been published, if you’re open to having them edited.

– We are also happy to consider data journalism stories and/or any other non-traditional formats with which you can come up.

– We are looking for diverse writers of all backgrounds and prioritize new perspectives.


Do not send us:

– Press releases and/or self-promotion.

– Stories that are community-focused but don’t touch on the media. If something sketchy is happening with your local city council, we’re unfortunately not the outlet for that. But if your local city council is keeping a journalist from doing her job, we are most definitely the outlet for that.

– Hot takes and op-eds on issues you’re not affected by. If you have not had a face-to-face confrontation with an issue, you may not be the right person to opine on it.

– Stories already covered elsewhere. As a general rule, if another media outlet has written about it, we will stay away from duplicating the story.

– Emails asking us what we’re looking for — take some time to browse the website and listen to the podcast if you’re unsure of whether we’re a good fit.


What you can expect:

– A response within a week or less. Mark your pitch as urgent if it should be seen right away. It’s okay to follow up in a week if you haven’t yet heard back.

– Competitive rates, to be determined upon acceptance of your pitch.

– To write at least 600 words.

– Quick payment.

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I think you should be getting our newsletter

Get a weekly note from David about our top stories.

This is a good thing that we do. You'll like this.