If you don’t understand oil, you can’t understand Canada. We take you to a place unlike anywhere else in the world, where the booms and busts all began. And find out why just a short distance away, children grow up afraid of the very air they breathe.

Featured in this episode: Pat McGee and Charlie Fairbank (Fairbank Oil Properties), Vanessa Gray.


To learn more:


“Time stands still in oil industry’s birthplace” in the Toronto Star by Murray White.


“Canada’s Toxic Secret: A troubling trend of leaks and spills in the Sarnia area” in Global News


“The Chemical Valley” In VICE by Patrick McGuire


CLARIFICATION: In the episode, we credit the Price of Oil series to the the Toronto Star, National Observer and Global News. The collaborative investigation also involved Concordia University, Ryerson University School of Journalism, the University of Regina, UBC, The Corporate Mapping Project and the Michener Awards Foundation.

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