Ever get the feeling someone is watching you? If you’ve been to an environmental protest recently, you might be right. Private intelligence firms, the RCMP and even Canada’s spies have all been caught collecting information on everyday Canadians speaking out against the oil industry.

Featured in this episode: Ron Tremblay (Wolostoq Grand Council), Mike De Souza (National Observer), Meghan McDermott (BC Civil Liberties Association)

To learn more:

“Spies in our midst: RCMP and CSIS snoop on green activists” by Bruce Livesey in National Observer

“The Private Intelligence Firm Keeping Tabs on Environmentalists” by Adam Federman in Mother Jones

“Kinder Morgan privately eyes Trans Mountain opponents” by Alastair Sharp & Dylan Waisman in National Observer

“The feds paid private eye to hunt for a journalist’s sources” by Mike De Souza in National Observer

Additional music:

“A List of Ways to Die” by Lee Rosevere, adapted.

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