Walter Scott is a multidisciplinary artist and the creator of comics series Wendy. Here’s a blog where you can see some of his work. His next book, Wendy’s Revenge, comes out in November. Someone wrote an analysis of Wendy’s characters based on their shoes.

Mike Carrozza is a comedian in Montreal. He writes for The Beaverton and the Nicessist and co-hosts That Was Us, “the ultimate podcast for self-congratulation.”

Anni Spadafora is an artist and musician who plays in the Toronto band New Fries. Their new album, More, will be out November 25th.

Nicholas Godfrey the man behind Amazon reviewer Mister Quickly. The Observer called his character “One of the Great Wits of Our Time.” Read Mister Quickly’s reviews here.

Music featured on this show:

“Clumsy Skeleton Dance” by Peter Kalnyiuk. Listen to Peter’s music here. Peter also makes some really grotesque, surreal, detailed art.

“Mary Poppins’ Pockets” from New Fries’ upcoming album More. Find their music on Bandcamp

This show featured contributions from producer Claire Boyle.

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